What is 168 Hours?

Each week you have 168 hours to use. This blog covers my ramblings on how to use them as effectively as possible.

It's not about stuffing as much as you can into the 168 hours. It's about ensuring that you use the 168 hours as best you can to ensure you get to where you want to go in as relaxed a state as possible.

Archive for May 2012

Earlier this week I ran a 168 hours session for a networking group that I belong to: Good Vibrations. I prepared far more material than I needed to for the two hour session – but isn’t that always the way when you do something for the first time? It was interesting delivering the material in a workshop style, with a group of people, rather than the 1-2-1 approach I have taken in the past.

It seemed to work, and the feedback was constructive and positive. So it looks like this might be something I could expand on in the future. I think I got the ‘scene setting’ stuff at the beginning right but felt the energy in the room dropping when I was going through the specifics of how I put the system into practice (or perhaps folks were starting to think about dinner?) So this is an area I need to work on in the future. Either to allow people an opportunity of developing their own techniques, or going more slowly / more simply with how I work.

Here are the slides I used on the evening – some will make more sense than others – few will understand the tennis slide!


Overall a useful experience but still a work in progress.