What is 168 Hours?

Each week you have 168 hours to use. This blog covers my ramblings on how to use them as effectively as possible.

It's not about stuffing as much as you can into the 168 hours. It's about ensuring that you use the 168 hours as best you can to ensure you get to where you want to go in as relaxed a state as possible.

in the momentA little while ago I was sat with some good friends in a coffee shop in Wells. This is a fairly common activity for me – I like coffee, I like Wells and I like chatting with friends. However these friends; Mark Seabright and Mark Mapstone are both ‘thinkers’ and often our conversations roam around topics as diverse as business strategy, creative arts, philosophy & cake.

During one of our conversations we came up with a “Know / Do” matrix to help people understand their behaviours and comfort zone. The idea behind it is to categorise the things you do / don’t do in life and compare them with the things you know / don’t know about.

I had forgotten all about this conversation, and it’s outcome, until I had a look at Mark’s (Seabright) new website for his “In The Moment” consulting business. Mark had a blog about the tool and so rather than repeat it all here, I thought you might want to head over to his site and read all about it.

Mark uses the tool to categorise a business – but I think it can also be extended to see how we may be more effective in our everyday lives.

  • Essentials. This is the routine of every day life including good and bad habits.
  • Magic. This is the intuitive aspect of our behavior, possibly even spiritual.
  • Easy wins. This is to do with change and moving outside our comfort zone.
  • Buried Treasure. This involves help of some sort – either from books, a course or a trusted advisor.

Hopefully some ideas arise from this thinking to improve your own personal effectiveness.

Good Luck

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