What is 168 Hours?

Each week you have 168 hours to use. This blog covers my ramblings on how to use them as effectively as possible.

It's not about stuffing as much as you can into the 168 hours. It's about ensuring that you use the 168 hours as best you can to ensure you get to where you want to go in as relaxed a state as possible.

My life has revolved around sales, science, and creativity.

In my late teens I thought I might be a graphic artist – until I was told that they do not earn too much and good work is hard to get. So I focused on the sciences as I seemed to be equally comfortable with both art and science. After a brief stint doing a foundation course in the arts, I walked across the campus and signed on for a degree in Chemistry.

After the degree followed some time working in a laboratory (that’s what chemists do) and found I didn’t like it too much. I also found out that like graphic artists, chemists do not earn too much and good work is hard to get. The solution? I went back and did a Ph.D in Analytical Chemistry.

Towards the end of the Ph.D I was fortunate to land a job that took me into a technical and manufacturing environment to provide support to the sales team. A few months into this role and I found an affinity with sales and selling. I then spent the next 25 years in a variety of sales, marketing and technology roles. At one point I had my own UK company distributing technology products from the USA. I really enjoyed having my own company and learned a lot about business and management as a result. After a few years, I sold the company in exchange for staying on with the new owners and growing the business across Europe.

Alongside the corporate career were “projects” that I needed to satisfy the creative urges. I co-wrote a number of humorous computer adventure games (Hampstead, Terrormolinos & Dodgy Geezers). One of which, Hampstead, was voted “Game of the Year” by the BBC’s Listener magazine. I’ve played guitar in a few bands and have produced 3 albums worth of original tunes (Cave Paintings, Mississipi Goldmine and Choice) with my long standing friend Peter Jones. My current project is a book on selling for those that feel sales is “high pressure” and “the gift of the gab” and do not have any empathy with this approach. The working title is “The Reluctant Salesperson”.

In 2001 I  set-up another business: Trevor Lever Consulting (TLC), which focuses on helping organisations be more effective with their sales and sales process. My other blog: Trevor Lever is a collection of ramblings about effectiveness in sales and marketing

I’m a bit of a networker and all of my business comes to me by referral, word-of-mouth and networking. So I figure that the more people who know me – the more chance I have of being referred, or introduced, to the next opportunity. I network on-line (Ecademy, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc.) and off-line (BNI, NRG, FSB, IOD, and lots of other TLA’s) and have a built up a great set of contacts over the years.

Let me know if you think I can help you.

Trevor Lever
Somerset (Dec 2010)

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